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March 11, 2024 | Community: Ancaster

Ancaster vs. Dundas: Which Offers the Best Green Spaces?

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Are you a lover of nature and waterfalls? If so, you will feel right at home in any of the stunning cities or towns along the Niagara Escarpment. This natural phenomenon is filled with scenery that will take your breath away at every turn. 

Ancaster and Dundas are two places that are known far and wide for these beautiful green spaces, which makes them highly attractive to families, young students and professionals and even retirees who can’t get enough of the sights, sounds, and scents of nature. 

Which town should you choose? Both are so scenic and beautiful that it’s really a toss-up. Just for fun, let’s do a side-by-side comparison of what Ancaster and Dundas have to offer.

Ancaster: Tiffany Falls

Ancaster makes it onto the scoreboard with Tiffany Falls, a 21-meter ribbon waterfall that draws countless visitors all year long. A relatively easy and short hiking trail allows you to bask in nature even when you don’t have time to spare. 

The end of the path leads to the waterfall, and that isn’t even the best part. You’ll also encounter various smaller falls as you explore the trail, proving that it really is the journey, not the destination, that counts.

Dundas: Webster’s Falls

Dundas wins big with Webster’s Falls, one of Hamilton’s most spectacular waterfalls that lies in the midst of trees, parklands, and a bridge that could appear straight out of a fairy tale. With so many paths to explore, you and your family could easily make a day of it. Once again, your journey ends with the sight of a roaring curtain waterfall that soars an incredible 22 meters in height. This majestic sight will never get old, making a trip to Webster’s Falls an experience you can enjoy several times a year.

Whether you’re in Ancaster or Dundas, you can enjoy an elevated lifestyle filled with natural beauty and convenience. Learn more in the posts below:

Ancaster: Sherman Falls

You may be thinking that Dundas is the clear winner so far, but Ancaster remains in the running with Sherman Falls, which is also known as “Fairy Falls” at the base of Ancaster Creek. This truly magical sight is a must-visit, especially when water levels are high in the spring and early summer. Located midway between Canterbury and Tiffany Falls, Fairy Falls is surrounded by forests and greenery, which includes part of the Bruce Trail and Ancaster Mill Street Trail. 

Ancaster and Dundas are both part of the City of Hamilton. Learn more in Top 5 Hamilton Neighbourhoods For Families.

Dundas: Tew’s Falls

Whether you’re up for a 20-minute stroll or a two-hour hike, Tew’s Falls will never fail to amaze. The waterfall itself is a short 5-minute walk from the parking lot, which is perfect for those busy days when you can rejuvenate your spirits with a short nature retreat. 

When you have more time, you can explore the iconic Dundas Peak while taking in valley views you must see to believe! A series of viewing platforms provide outstanding vantage points, allowing you to take in the spectacular changes in colour throughout the seasons. 

If you’re really up for an adventure, a visit to Tew’s Falls can go hand in hand with Webster’s Falls. Booking an online reservation during peak season from May to September will help you avoid disappointment.

Dundas Valley Conservation Area: The Tie-breaker

No discussion about green spaces in Ancaster or Dundas can be complete without mentioning the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, which includes part of the Bruce Trail along with the loop around Dundas Valley. 

This stunning attraction draws nature lovers from all over Hamilton, Burlington, Flamborough, and beyond. Though “Dundas” is in the name, this expansive path transcends both Ancaster and Dundas, thus making it the ultimate tie-breaker in this little contest.

It’s official. There really is no comparing the stunning beauty of Dundas and Ancaster because they are equally abundant with luscious foliage, parks, and greenery. Since the two towns are neighbours, you’ll have endless access to it all no matter where you decide to settle.

Do you want to know about the lifestyle you can enjoy in Ancaster or Dundas? We are happy to give you the tour. Reach out today to or call 905-512-5323 for more information.

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