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October 2, 2023 | Buying

Why Should You Consider Moving Your Family to Ancaster?

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Hamilton is quickly getting a lot of attention as an alternative to Toronto that is far more affordable while still offering an incredible quality of life and a vibrant arts and entertainment scene. One area within the city that deserves a lot more attention is Ancaster. As one of the most affluent suburbs in Hamilton, Ancaster has much to offer anyone considering a relocation. Families, in particular, flock to the area for its safety, sense of community, and high standard of living. In this post, we’ll take a deeper look into a few of the reasons why Ancaster is such a fantastic place to live and visit.

A Glimpse Into History

What better way to start our tour of Ancaster than with a fascinating fact of the day? Did you know that Ancaster is older than Canada itself, first coming into being in 1793? Augustus Jones named the new township after the parish of Ancaster in Lincolnshire, England. Since then, Ancaster has become a thriving economic powerhouse due to its location on major trading routes. It was finally incorporated as a town in 1974 before merging with the City of Hamilton in 2001.

The Ancaster Fair is one of the longest-running events in the region since 1850, having only been cancelled once in 1937 and again in 2020 during the coronavirus pandemic. 

The Hermitage is one of Ancaster’s most celebrated landmarks. After burning down in 1934, the ruins are now the site of many ghost tours during the summer months. Griffin House is another monument of Ancaster’s history, closely associated with the Underground Railroad. If you’re coming here from out of town, you will be thrilled with the amount of heritage and rich culture you’ll discover in Ancaster. 

Want to learn even more about Ancaster? Check out our community guide right here.

Close Proximity to Stunning Green Spaces

Perhaps the single most celebrated feature Ancaster has to offer is the lush, beautiful green spaces that weave in and out of every neighbourhood. As a well-established area, the streets are filled with majestic trees and mature landscaping. And with its picturesque location on the Niagara Escarpment, Ancaster is filled with a natural beauty that will take your breath away! 

The many scenic trails and paths will keep you and your family busy on many afternoons as you explore the wonders of the escarpment. Here are just a few of our favourite highlights:

  • Tiffany Falls Conservation Area: As part of Hamilton, the waterfall capital of the world, Ancaster has no shortage of spectacular sights. Taking just 15 minutes to complete, Tiffany Falls has everything you could ask for even when time is short: winding paths and trails under a canopy of forest, wildlife sightings, and the sound of rushing water in the background. 
  • Canterbury Falls: Located on the Bruce Trail, Canterbury Falls has all the scenic beauty you’d expect from Canada’s longest and oldest trail. The stunning cascaded waterfall enjoys year-round flow, making this the perfect escape for your family anytime!
  • Mohawk Cascade: A massive 6-metre-tall waterfall with a vertical drop cascading down the Chedoke Creek Tributary Creek is a mesmerizing sight. It is best to visit in the winter and early spring while water levels are high.

Homes as Beautiful as They Are Unique

As Hamilton’s most luxurious suburb, the homes here often boast creative designs, unique layouts, and generous square footage on larger-than-average size lots. 

Options range from custom-built executive estates to modern townhouses and elegant condos, with a few modest bungalows and smaller homes in the mix. With a perfect blend of charming older residences and pristine new builds, there is something for everyone in Ancaster!

Access to High-Quality Education

The streets of Ancaster are quiet, safe, and scenic, making this affluent community a premium choice for families with school-aged children. Access to education is also second to none, with excellent private and public facilities.

Fraser rankings are often the tool parents use to evaluate schools. However, it’s always best to perform independent research since rankings can change each year, and every student is different.

Ancaster falls under the Hamilton-Wentworth District School Board, where you can search each public school by name to find out what support systems and extra-curricular activities it offers. If you’re relocating, your real estate agent can also help you determine which schools are in your catchment area. 

Should you consider a private school for your child? Small class sizes can provide students with a level of support and individual guidance a public school can never offer. For example, the average class size at Tapply Binet College rarely exceeds six students! Foundations Montessori School serves elementary students by encouraging them to discover their natural curiosity and develop their unique gifts.

A Life of Convenience and Excitement

Ancaster may be peaceful and scenic, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t plenty of excitement to be found around the town! With entertainment venues like Cineplex and a host of chain and independent restaurants, your family will always have something fun on the calendar! 

If the retail bug bites, head on over to Ancaster Village, where one of the most unique and charming shopping districts awaits you. This highly walkable neighbourhood is a great way to spend an afternoon while hunting for that perfect article of clothing, gift, or home decor item.

Ancaster is also home to many sports associations, little leagues, and recreational centres to keep everyone in your family active and engaged. On hot summer days, be sure to check out Lion’s Outdoor Pool, a beautiful facility located on the Lookout Trail Loop. First, a hike to build up a sweat, followed by a cannonball contest in the refreshing water!

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Warm and Inviting Neighbourhoods

The upscale Oakhill & Clearview Estates neighbourhoods offer beautiful homes that allow for an outstanding quality of life. If you’re looking for a modern, large home with a reasonably sized property & culturally diverse flair, the Meadowlands may be a good choice. The up-and-coming Ancaster Heights neighbourhood has several infill projects in the works where you can find homes that are still relatively affordable with breathtaking views, making a move to this beautiful town more accessible than you may realize. 

In Ancaster, your new neighbours will come from every background and all walks of life. With so much scenery and so many experiences to take in, this might just be the perfect place for anyone to call home!

Do you want to learn more about the incredible real estate opportunities waiting for you in Ancaster? We are here to help! Reach out today or call 905-512-5323 with any questions or to get started.

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