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August 23, 2023 | Buying

Why Are Toronto Residents Heading to Hamilton and Burlington?

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For some people, Toronto is where the action is and they couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. For others, the cost of living is out of control and living in the big city just doesn’t seem worth it anymore. To top it all off, the neighbourhoods just seem to be getting more and more crowded, which means longer wait times for everything and traffic jams 24/7.

What is the alternative? If you love the fabulous entertainment scene, endless activity, and the waterfront, Burlington and Hamilton can be viable alternatives to Toronto. Both cities have so much to offer in terms of unlimited convenience and quality of life that you’ll hardly find anything at all to miss about Toronto. In this post, we’ll talk about a few of the reasons many Toronto residents have already packed up to relocate.

Why Consider Burlington?

The beautiful City of Burlington lies approximately 60 km west of Toronto and offers a lifestyle that is far more laid back and peaceful. With a land area of 187 square kilometres and a population of just over 200,000, the tranquillity you’ll experience in Burlington is the polar opposite of what you’ll find in Toronto.

A Host of Modern Conveniences

Burlington may be less busy, but it boasts the conveniences and amenities of a city three times its size, with a side of charm that’s hard to find anywhere else. From the cobblestone streets and quaint shops of Village Square to the bustling festivals and events at the waterfront, there is always something to do, see and explore in Burlington.

Focused on Community

A tight-knit sense of community is one of the primary draws to Burlington. Everyone can appreciate the quiet streets and safe neighbourhoods, especially families with young children. Relocators are often attracted by high-quality schools, supportive communities, recreational activities, and, of course, the stunning beauty of nature that goes along with being bordered by the Niagara Escarpment and Lake Ontario.

High Standard of Living

If you look at the average price of a home in Burlington compared to Toronto, you may notice that there’s not much of a difference, at least at first glance. Currently, the average price for a detached home in either city is over $1 million. The difference lies, not in the dollar amount, but in what you get for what you pay. And in Burlington, $1 million (or even less) can get you a lot more house for your money. Plus, your home will likely be more modern and spacious, with parking and outdoor space to spare! If you’re looking for an affluent lifestyle with more breathing room, Burlington just might be the place for you.

Learn even more about Burlington in our community guide right here.

The Case for Moving to Hamilton

The debate between Hamilton and Toronto rages on and probably always will. Both cities offer an incomparable lifestyle, with plenty of diversity and character. Hamilton may have a smaller population, but we also have the Tiger Cats, Steel Town Pride, and an abundance of breathtaking hiking trails that could turn any other city (literally) green with envy! Let’s take a look at just a few reasons you might want to set your sights on Hamilton for your next home.

Speaking of Hamilton, here are our Top 5 Hamilton Neighbourhoods For Families.

Greater Affordability

The fact that you can enjoy an elevated lifestyle without millions in the bank is just one of the many benefits of Hamilton life. Although it does have its luxurious pockets, average housing prices are far lower than the GTA overall. In fact, it’s still possible to purchase a detached family home for well under $1 million. 

Buying a house isn’t the only place you’ll save money. On average, you’ll pay less for almost everything, from groceries and clothing to gas, taxis, and public transit.

A Robust Dining and Entertainment Scene

There are not many aspects of life where you can pay less and get more, but living in Hamilton is one of them! Since every dollar goes further, you’ll have more to enjoy while spending time with your friends and family. And if your leisure activities include dining out and exploring local entertainment, you simply cannot go wrong with Hamilton life. 

The streets here are rife with numerous restaurants in every type of cuisine under the sun. Entertainment options range from small theatrical productions, intimate comedy shows, festivals, art crawls, live music, and more. With so much going on in every neighbourhood, every member of your family will have plenty of new experiences to explore!

Want to know even more about the City of Hamilton? Read our community guide right here.

The Non-Stop Wonder of Natural Beauty

Welcome to the Waterfall Capital of the World! Hamilton’s location right along the Niagara Escarpment provides a vast array of stunning nature trails, including the famous Bruce Trail. In addition, there are 156 waterfalls right within the city limits. To put that in perspective, you would have to visit one every single day for over five months to see them all. 

Luckily, these natural wonders are a sight to behold, no matter what the season. In the spring, the water levels are at their highest, which provides a cascade of beauty that is not to be missed. However, winter is also a fantastic time to visit, with fewer people and less noise. If temperatures plunge low enough, the sight of a waterfall frozen in time will take your breath away.

However, as stunning as they are, there’s more to the natural beauty of Hamilton than waterfalls. There’s the incredible view over the Escarpment, for starters. Sam Lawrence Park, near the intersection of Upper Wellington and Concession, is a great place to experience it while strolling through colourful gardens and rich greenery. 

Last, but most certainly not least, Hamilton boasts stunning waterfront trails where you can spend hours rollerblading, strolling, or cycling along the shores of Lake Ontario. Local hot spots like Hutches on the Beach are fantastic should you need refreshments along your way.

Do you want to know more about the possibilities of relocating to Burlington or Hamilton? We are happy to guide you through the ins and outs of both to help you decide. Reach out by emailing or call 905-512-5323 to connect with us today.

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